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I remodeled the page, why? I dunno, I just felt like makin it look cooler. It is best viewed in 1024x768 16 Bit Hi-Color. I am still tryin to figure out what to do with the page, so I added a Guitar tabulature section. Wanna learn how to play that song you just heard? Well you can find it here (maybe, I am still collecting). And my growing links collection has a load of links to sites I think are worthy. The sites are in no specific order, nor are they organized by type of site, that's the way I like it.

All the graphics you see here (that are mine of course), are made with the GIMP. Get it. Now. (If you're interested in making some rad graphics. It is free, yes free. But, if you aren't too experienced in making graphics, it may be a bit hard at first.